Today’s Special Value!

If you have not been around to check out the TSV you must look at it now! This boyfriend jacket is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Definitely a must-have! I know I am picking up multiple. ┬áCongratulations mom, you really nailed it on this one! (I am rubbing off on her :) ) The brushed terry is so comfortable and soft, and the colors are just fabulous. The 3/4 sleeves are perfect to show off your bracelets, or if you are wearing a Fabulous top underneath, as I chose to do. What do you think of the Today’s Special Value??

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2 Responses to Today’s Special Value!

  1. Love the jacket, I want is soo bad!

  2. Dottie says:

    Congratulations, your TSV is beautiful. So much planning and work must have gone into it. I cannot believe how you never run out of ideas. I love watching you and Jackylin together. You always stand to the side and let her give her opinion. You never interrupt her. You have taught her many things by your example. Hugs and kisses

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